Phased re-opening from 1st June

Following the Government’s decision to allow children of nursey age to return settings from 1st June, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing a phased re-opening from Monday 1st June.

To begin with, we will be opening up to children transitioning to primary school in September. Children of this age group are not expected to maintain social distancing, so to keep transmission of the virus to a minimum the children will be put into a group or “social bubble” of up to six (to begin with), attending morning sessions only with two members of staff. If the number of children wishing to return goes up, a new social bubble of children will be created in the afternoons.

A new one-way drop off and pick up system is now in place to allow families to maintain social distancing requirements. Staff will be following a strict new cleaning regime for toys, resources and the pre-school setting. Children and staff will be cleaning their hands more often than usual, either by washing or by alcohol hand rub/ hand sanitiser. Some soft furnishings, toys and resources have had to be stored away, and children will be given their own craft bags containing individual pens, crayons, scissors, glue sticks etc. It will be different but we have so much planned and our aim is to make life as normal as we possibly can for all the children returning to pre-school.

It will certainly be a Summer Term like no other!

We are, as a nation, all still being told to Stay Alert, control the virus and save lives but the lockdown is being lessened and we very much hope that we do get to see what is left of the term out. 

You must not let your child attend pre-school if they show any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Children of any age are now entitled to a test if they start to develop symptoms. Please note that if a child or staff member shows signs of having COVID-19 the pre-school will be closed for 14 days as indicated in Government guidance, or until a negative test is produced.

For families choosing to stay at home and stay safe please find below some links to give you a few ideas of fun activities to try out at home and do let us know if you do any.